Jean-Marc BrugeilleS 



Brugeilles' paintings are in an enchanted and timeless universe, rather than reproductions of what he sees.  His work is organized around powerful themes of daily life, dreams and poems, magnified and transfigured.  In a suspended eternity, internal scenes of the human soul play.    The paintings tell stories which are rich in symbols and essential myths.  They contain symbols of his thoughts and questions that have been raised by life and by poetry.  Many  of the paintings have a surreal quality, because they are inspired by dreams.


Many paintings are large, because Brugeilles finds it easier to express himself in the dimension of a human being.  When he creates a painting, he feels like it is taking a walk in the forest in the interior of oneself and discovering the mysterious places in the depths.  His paintings always have stories and meaning and sometimes stories within stories.  It is impossible to explain much more, as creativity is a thing of intimacy and difficult to describe.


In 2010, Brugeilles relocated from Lyon, France to the San Francisco Bay Area.  The beauty of California is inspiring him in completely new ways.



L'Homme Conscient