Jean-Marc BrugeilleS 



Before I begin a commissioned painting, I will meet with you and talk to you about what gives you happiness in life and your dreams.  Learning this will lead me to a vision for your painting.  Because I make my canvases myself, I can make a canvas any size you wish.  After I have sketched the painting, I will invite you to my studio for approval before I begin painting.


You will be surprised at the vision that has arisen in my imagination  personalized for you.  I do not make my paintings according to instructions, but rather go through a reflective process of creating an image which will not only be your personal painting, but your friend.  A painting is more than a silent image.  Your memories, your family and friends, your animals, your encounters, your voyages will enter into the creation.  Strange and fantastic beings will also appear.  The painting will be a living dream on your walls which will enchant your life.



At an unveiling party 

"We  commissioned   Jean-Marc  to  paint  the  Carousel  of  Life  for  us.   His  interpretation  captures  the  essence  of  our  life  in  a  most  fantastic  and  whimsical  way.  It was  a  pleasure  to  work  with  him,  an  artist who  creates  with  imagination  and  soul.   The  painting  brightens  our  lives every  day."                                                                                            

Luisiana  and  Dick Gale, Kentfield, California    

This painting was done for the family of a researcher who studied and also lived with a variety of animals, including a beaver raised in the family home from a tiny baby.

The Carousel of Life

This painting commemorates a couple's wedding anniversary and voyage around the world.